Tuesday, July 26, 2005

First post

I've been somewhat hesitant to enter the world of blogging, but I'm finding far too many fascinating conversations online about librarianship and technology to remain on the sidelines. I'll put in the standard disclaimer that any thoughts I record here are strictly personal and do not reflect the opinions of my employer, the President, Shirley McLean, my cats, or anyone else who lives outside my head.

My current concerns and interests include:
  • How folksonomies may or may not intersect with controlled vocabularies and hierarchical classification schemes, and how libraries can utilize folksonomies to improve search and retrieval of library materials.
  • FRBR, in particular how we can utilize FRBR concepts to make existing library databases more useful as we're migrating to new and more flexible modes of organizing, storing, and retrieving bibliographic data.
  • How the above affect catalogers.
  • Wikis, in particular the concept of using a wiki to maintain internal procedural documentation within libraries.
Expect posts on any or all of the above in future.